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February 22, 2018
2018 IN PCCP Workshop, Indianapolis Marriott North

March 6-8, 2018
Purdue Road School

Thin Concrete Overlays Under Construction This Season

Indiana Chapter ACPA member contractors are building thin bonded concrete overlays for INDOT this year as part of the agency’s effort to extend pavement service life and reduce long-term costs. Projects let to-date include:

SR 3 between New Castle and Muncie: Letting Date 4/5/17, Contractor – E&B Paving

SR 161 between Holland and SR 68: Letting Date 5/10/17, Contractor – E&B Paving

SR 9 from Shelbyville to SR 252: Letting Date 7/12/17, Contractor Milestone Contractors, LP

SR 9 from SR 26 to SR 37: Letting Date 7/12/17, Contractor Primco, Inc.

Another batch of overlays are scheduled to be let later this year as part of INDOT’s long-term pavement preservation strategy.

These thin concrete overlays are designed as “bonded” concrete overlays, 4″ to 6″ thickness, placed over milled asphalt pavement, incorporating synthetic structural fibers and 6′ joint spacing. We will provide periodic updates on these projects as they evolve. Please contact Mike Byers or Patrick Long with any questions.

Indiana PCCP Workshop Hosts over 200 Registrants: Presentations Available

Over 200 individuals representing state and local agencies, contractors, consulting engineers, suppliers, and academia attended the 2017 Indiana Concrete Pavement Workshop in Indianapolis on February 10, 2017. PDF copies of the presentations are available below:

INDOT Update: Commissioner Joe McGuinness

FHWA Update: Administrator Mayela Sosa

FAA Specification News: Gary Mithcell, ACPA

Thin PCCP Overlay Design: Tommy Nantung, INDOT

Thin PCCP Overlay Specifications: Tony Zander,  INDOT

Performance of Thin PCCP Overlays in Iowa: Dan King, ICPA

Best Practices for PCCP Overlay Construction: Mike Byers, IN ACPA

INDOT Partial Depth Patch Update: Mike Nelson,  INDOT

Case Study PCCP Patching I-465: Milestone Contractors, LP

PCCP Patching Update: Dr. Jason Weiss, Oregon State University

Performance Engineered PCCP Mixes: Dr. Jason Weiss, Oregon State University